Uniting passions and professions to liberate the quintessence of matter, work and humankind.

A deep look, sparkling with thoughts. Lagouarre's eyes express what he is, what he does not say. A discreet man with many facets. A giant's body, a well-shaped head, a heart open to meeting others, to differences and to what binds us universally. He is overflowing with ideas. These ideas channel his stress, which itself transcends his creation. Bubbling, simmering, gushing forth, but always taking the time to do the best, to listen to the good, to share. From the creative spark springs the communion of arts and know-how inherent in each meeting on a project.

"In my country men do not speak

A few sentences, selected pieces of an encounter with a simple and complex man, luminous and shadowy, humble and authentic. An economy of words - though - a portrait of Lagouarre in few words, in few of HIS words.

"And all this from a cloud of hydrogen."

What is the origin? The big bang... matter, always matter. Fascinating and rebellious, living or inert, it dictates the rules, defines the constraints, invites humility.

"Only through constraint can beautiful things be achieved."

From Matter comes Creation. It imposes its laws, its dance. Lagouarre listens to it, loves it, respects it, ENHANCES it. From the roots to the top... Lagouarre has the wisdom of a man connected to Humanity. Authenticity, curiosity and the search for meaning drive his life, his creation and his work. Like the hundred-year-old tree, from its height, he observes Humankind, contemplates Nature and the Stars. Rooted in Mother Earth, he rises skyward.

"Life is all about encounters."

These encounters teach and nourish him. Each of his branches unfolds, sometimes gnarled, twisted, bearing the marks of Life: from past to present, between joys and sorrows, always aware of where he comes from. From learning to passing on experience, he flourishes, remaining upright, protective, a source of inspiration for those of the same sap. Lagouarre is a man of his time. In connection with the past, he builds the present and designs the future. A visionary, he feels the world and challenges the impossible with humility.

"To be the best at what I do, at who I am."

Under the bark, the ebony...

"I'm lucky, nature gave me sensitivity in a body that can take it"

Imposing, Lagouarre, the strong man, has his feet on the ground. Nothing seems to shake him.The bark of the tree is visible, shaped by time and the elements. A thick, protective skin, in appearance. Underneath it, a treasure: Ebony, black, noble, brilliant. Discovery of a precious, heavy, intense heart, ready to offer forth its riches.

"I've been running on emotion since I was born. "

Source of artistic creation:Emotion.
The emotions and intentions distilled in his creations. The ones that each of his works arouses. Conveying these values, a profound message, to reconnect people with Happiness, Life, their Essence.

His words