Negotiation table, knights' round table, banquet table, family meal table :
 a seemingly ordinary piece of furniture, the table reveals strategic and extra-ordinary aspects.
Often a ritual, the choice of place around the table influences the relationships that are played out there.
The Isle table by Lagouarre  breaks with codes.
Its exceptional shape offers a unique experience, a new look at the interactions between the humans who sit around it.
isleplateau ebene table Lagouarre
Shadow and Light at the Isle table.
A subtle marriage of Ebony and Maple.
A dialogue between the dense and dark precious with the soft and clear noble.
An alchemy of tree species with contrasting properties.
Working with the Gillet Foundry, the oldest foundry in France with expertise dating back 1687, has enabled Lagouarre to create a worn look in  these massive and robust pieces. Three legs made from bronze, an age-old alloy, constrained under the weight of the World.
Bronze Foot Table Isle Lagouarre

Technical data

Designation: Art table furniture in precious wood
and bronze sculptures

Overall dimensions
3 m x 1,60 m

Weight: 250 kg

Ebony = 118 kg
Sycamore maple = 57 kg
Bronze = 75 kg

Treatment of the components:
Wood: Linseed oil

Bronze: Patina 1 : Hot patina Copper nitrate
copper nitrate - carbon black
Patina 2: Hot Patina Potassium Sulfide
Patina 3: Hot patina Copper nitrate
- Silver nitrate

Assembly: The legs can be removed for easy transportation. 
The three legs are fixed by flange and countersunk bolt holes.