At the heart of the piece is a sculpted forearm, firmly holding a roof hammer.
A tool of rare elegance, it is more reminiscent of a refined ice axe than a heavy roofer's tool.
Through this sublimation, the work calls into question a deep-seated dichotomy in French society: that between intellectual and manual labor.
This opposition is erroneous. Craftsmanship, like all trades, requires a singular intelligence, a harmonious fusion of theory and practice. While theory may escape sanction, practice does not tolerate error. In manual practice, a poorly executed job may have to be reworked or even destroyed in order to be rebuilt. It is this intransigence, this immediate sanction, that enables learning and constant improvement.
Brilliant minds like Leonardo da Vinci embody this perfect symbiosis between the intellectual and the manual. A visionary engineer, he was also a gifted craftsman, capable of bringing his most audacious ideas to life.
This work celebrates intelligence in all its forms, reminding us that excellence is not the prerogative of a single domain, but the fruit of harmony between mind and hand.

Technical data

Designation: bronze sculpture on ebony wood

Dimensions :
Base: 99 cm x 23 cm

Height: 33 cm

Weight : 40 Kg