Emergence of iron

A key piece of furniture in our modern lives, the chair adorned palaces and religious sites before becoming part of family homes. From Antiquity to the Renaissance, the chair was a lavish piece of furniture, but after the Industrial Revolution, it lost its noble status and became the popular and functional seat of choice. In the middle of the 20th century, artists and designers established it as a decorative element in our interiors.
Emergence of Iron by Lagouarre characterises the object in its own definition: a seat, a back and a base. An atypical architecture questions the balance of this chair which is challenged by the artist. A comfortable position, keeping the body free to move, alert to its surroundings.
The cantilevered seat is elegant and ergonomic, made of Wengé wood: the colour of the earth that feeds us. The fragile balance of our planet in its universe. The Miracle of Life in a complex and infinite system.
The natural marbled appearance of Wengé reflects the diversity of relief in a landscape, the furrows of a living planet, the image of a black hole... The field of possibilities appears to those who know how to look at the world. Firmly rooted in mother earth, a comforting balance.
The bronze leg juts out of the ground to support the whole chair. Symbol of the Earth's magnetic field, essential to the balance of Life. Its colouring through oxidation highlights the iron, a vital element that transports oxygen in our blood.

Technical data

Designation: Furniture chair art wood
wenge wood and bronze sculpture

Dimensions :
Overall dimensions
0.85 m x 0.45 m x 0.45 m

Weight: 17,2 kg

Wenge = 3 kg
Bronze = 14,2 kg

Treatment of the components:
Wood: Linseed oil
Bronze: Hot patina